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Cheap buy Nike, Adidas and other well-known sports brands, users may have encountered in life. Recently, Longquan Station Police reported a case to the huaraches, In a mall in Longquanyi District, five suspects who sells counterfeit sports goods at a low price were arrested. Two counterfeit sportswear seizures were seized at the scene, seized and faked Adidas, Nike and Ann Dema and other brand-name sports apparel and footwear more than 1,400 pieces, the amount involved up to 80 million. Currently, the five suspects suspected of selling counterfeit registered trademarks of the crime of criminal detention, the case is still under investigation. The majority of consumers please purchase goods through formal channels, enhance safety awareness, beware of being deceived, in particular, should be promptly on the brand name products, two-dimensional code to verify the inquiry. If the purchase of fake goods, timely reports to the market regulatory authorities to report, the public security organs will actively investigate the clues of criminal offenses, the sale of counterfeit registered trademarks of goods suspected of crime resolutely investigated and dealt with according to law. After the 2008 Olympic Games, there was a inventory crisis in the sporting goods industry in China. This crisis forced the industry to shift from the wholesale model to the retail model. Anta (02020.HK) became the third largest sports brand in the Chinese market after Nike (NYSE: NKE) and Adidas due to the successful transition and the rapid accumulation of competitive advantage. Other companies such as Xtep, 361 degrees still in the middle of the transition, the past two years revenue has returned to pre-crisis levels, there are some companies are struggling online. With the state’s advocacy of the sports industry and the improvement of people’s health awareness, the sporting goods industry in China has been going through rapid growth. The market size in 2017 has reached 211.248 billion yuan. At the same time, industry concentration is also gradually increased. Many industry sources said that the future of China’s sporting goods industry will remain “strong stronger”, about three domestic integrated sports brand with Nike, Adidas competing in the Chinese market, other brands only in the various segments Looking for survival opportunities, a little careless will be the next Del benefits.

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As the first person in football today, also considered as breaking the “Mero” ten-year monopoly of the new king, the Brazilian superstar Neymar has now become NIKE efforts to cultivate the next chief spokesman. If C Luo as Mercurial Superfly a brother no one shake the position,cheap nike huarache, then NIKE is the actual act of hand-picked Neimale led endorsement nike huarache. Recently, NIKE is more Ronaldo at the 1998 World Cup Mercurial and Neymar in the 2010 national team debut in the Mercurial Superfly II two football shoes for the launch of Neville, nike huarache XI “Puro Fenomeno” NJR Exclusive soccer shoes. AG-Pro version of this football shoes currently available in PDS official website for sale, priced at 210 pounds (about 1851 yuan), “Alien” Ronaldo debut in the 1990s that peak, after joining Inter Milan, Neila Zuri affectionately called him “O Fenômeno” (phenomenon). And NIKE Mercurial launched for Ronaldo in the 1998 World Cup the same in the history of soccer shoes epoch-making significance, it can be said that Ronaldo and Mercurial achievements of each other to become the spiritual totem of football in Brazil. The “Puro Fenomeno” in Neymar’s exclusive soccer shoes is a tribute to Ronaldo, to show the world the heritage of Brazilian football. Configuration, nike huarache XI “Puro Fenomeno” NJR is based on the nike huarache XI to build the F1 car as a design inspiration. The new V16 shoe last innovative combination of anatomical and ergonomic research results, the introduction of pre-shaped contoured outsole, effectively reducing the gap between the soles and soles when wearing. Sole contours of pre-shaped so that players wearing the metatarsal position slightly lower, thumb upturned slightly upward, by reasonably increasing the bending of the joints, allowing players to be more effective in accelerating the force, start speed one step faster. New nylon outsole compared to carbon fiber outsole weight loss of 40%, higher strength, better flexibility, life expectancy also more guaranteed. AG-Pro cleats are made of herringbone studs and cylindrical studs. They emphasize the grip of shoe studs when pedaling.

Upper material is still provided by Japan Teijin, thin rayon upper showing a barefoot-like touch, so hair straightforward. To enhance the feel of dribbling at high speeds, the nike huarache XI is equipped with Speed ​​Ribs on both sides of the upper to provide more friction and increase control of the ball as the player touches the ball. Vamp equipped with All Condition Control (ACC) technology, so that shoes sneak rain and snow weather. No tongue structure design to provide a better sense of parcels, with non-slip insoles can effectively ensure the feet in the fierce confrontation to maintain the stability of movement.

To pay tribute to two classic Mercurial history boots, nike huarache “Puro Fenomeno” NJR Outer vamp blue and silver from the first edition of Mercurial, the inside of the lemon green from Mercurial Superfly II. The words “NEYMAR” printed on the insole and heel indicate the exclusive identity of Neymar. Youdao is “martyrs Review should be comforting, the flag own its own people later.” The last World Cup fiasco in the local experience has become a history, Nei Maer shoulders the “five-star Brazil” glorious heritage, this team led his teammates again this summer to attack the World Cup.