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Nike is using a radical strategy to make itself more flexible and throw off the opponent. June 15, Nike announced that it will cut about 2% of global labor force, and cut its brand a quarter of shoes. It is estimated that the layoffs plan will involve 1,500 huaraches black,Pressure may come from Adidas. Although Nike still maintain the first market share, but Adidas catch up after 2015 so that Nike also had to speed up the pace. The layoffs and restructuring also includes the business unit will be reduced from 6 to 4. Nike said the downsizing restructuring aims to focus more on key markets and digital sales, and bring faster market response. In the establishment of key cities, Nike Adidas has taken the same strategy. Nike will focus its attention on 12 major cities including London, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and New York, predicting that these cities will contribute 80% of Nike’s growth by 2020. Digital sales are more innovations for e-commerce and mobile devices. For example, the recent launch of SNKR Stash by Nike helps shoe lovers find some niche sock retailers. This App also allows you to see where in the city there are similar shoes inventory. In addition, Nike also announced a “three strategic” plan, is expected to increase product innovation cycle so far twice, while reducing the 25% of the models. The plan on the one hand can reduce the pressure on the stock, on the other hand is also saving Nike’s image. Adidas successfully launched several explosive models in 2015 shoes, Nike did not have much reaction, until this year launched Air VaporMax shoes to create some topics. Reduce the shoes style, focus on the promotion and design of key shoes, focusing on the development of ZoomX, Air VaporMax and Nike React these three categories, Nike’s thinking began to become clear.

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