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To get Londoners to get out, Nike recently shot a promo “Nothing Beats a Londoner”. Unlike the usual large-scale commercials of Nike, this 3-minute trailer still has a large texture, but it also incorporates some youthful language such as tears of two water columns crying, popular nowadays Rap music stalk, etc .; there are many big names blessing, graffiti artists, cheap nike huaraache mens,rap artists Skepta, AJ Tracey, celebrity athletes Mo Farah, Harry Kane and others starred in advertising. Even more noteworthy is the fact that the 258 prime-time athletes who starred in the ads may be at the heart of the ad – more than 200 ordinary London residents sporting stars with stars and playing tennis in the harsh London winds even though Only one person also insisted on playing ice hockey, escaping traffic police skateboarding on the narrow steps, practicing jogging on the way to school and so on, with the expression of “how the wind grits my heart more and more”. In less than two days, this ad, released during the Winter Olympics, has seen more than 1.24 million YouTube videos. Many people in Twitter said they were impressed by Nike’s ads and began looking forward to the next city. This ad is part of the Nike City Outreach program, with each of these challenges split up to social media posters and invited more Londoners to upload their own challenges on the Nike App. During the February event, 270 Nike-sponsored stadiums and brand-name professional athletes in London will direct people on the ground. The use of advertising to convey the spirit of the brand has always been Nike’s strengths, this ad is no exception. “Athlete Spirit, Champion Spirit, Confidence,” Ad Agency W + K London said the London-backed ad was able to convey the athlete’s displeasure at character – and the quality of Londoners in their eyes. Nike had several ads have passed the spirit of the brand athletes. In 2015, Nike released an ad entitled “Short a Guy,” a fast-paced motor relay: a young boy in advertising encounters a total of street basketball, marathon, baseball, beach volleyball, etc. Is “we still a person, or not to join?” Invitations, and strive to complete a variety of sports challenges, and finally returned to his love of the basketball court. 2017 Want Want (All) is also a consistent fast-paced, hot-blooded style: This year’s ads also follow Nike’s usual marketing efforts and include more mobile and social media content – People think the brand is cool, and they also want more people to use Nike training apps like NRT to make the city a real playground.

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