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U.S. “Market Promotion Network” May 22 article, the original title: Nike and Adidas began to move out of China, which is quite illustrative of the problem Nike and Adidas are moving more Asian manufacturing operations from China to Vietnam, thus continuing the recent emergence of A new trend: More and more companies are leaving China for higher costs. Adi reported that 44% of the company’s footwear products were produced in Vietnam last year, up 13% year-on-year. In the same period,nike huaraches cheap, the proportion of “Made in China” Nike shoes has dropped from 32% to 19%. For many years China has been the cornerstone of the (global) manufacturing industry, but now it seems that the footwear industry has acquired a new identity: a country with rich experience and thus more skills than its competitors to build higher-end products. For example, luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Prada, Burberry and others have all started production operations in China and announced that China “has extraordinary skills in producing more elegant and chic footwear products.” In the eyes of these high-end brands, China is no longer Only large-scale production of low-cost manufacturing power. This reputation improvement is also making China pay some price: attracting the driving force of some brands, is prompting some companies to move to China’s neighbors. It has been reported that the layout of global sports shoes is now different from the past, and this situation may not be likely to change soon. When CNN said in 2016 that companies were considering productivity at the time, China’s labor costs were only 4% lower than in the United States. In addition, wages in China are growing at a faster rate than productivity growth, and the renminbi is gradually increasing. “In a nutshell: (turning to) China’s manufacturing industry is no longer a universal way to save costs.” Two years later, CNN’s speculation has basically become a reality. Nike and Adi are the giants in the global footwear and apparel market, and are often the leaders of their peers. In addition, luxury brands such as Armani and Burberry are utilising the Chinese manufacturing industry as a symbol of quality. Nowadays, China regards China as a day to produce reliable products at a low price and maximize profits, or Will soon be gone. (Translated by Brendan Minapes, Ding Yuqing)

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