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Inadvertently create a bold and casual style. This group of ASH socks sneakers has unique attributes. One-piece design, full-featured geometric soles or eye-catching ASHSTAR tags make it look stylish and stylish, and elastic socks make the body easier to put on and off. cheap nike huarache grey,Excellent light footing and breathability, unobtrusive charm has successfully become a must-have for many artists. Recalling a news report seen some days ago, fans of the Balenciaga “Triple S” discovered that “Made in Italy” on shoes became “Made in China”. After the media disclosed, the official responded that he was responsible for the Triple S. The manufacturer has moved from Italy to Putian, Fujian, China, because it can produce a more lightweight Triple S, and the shoe price is still 850 US dollars. Emilio Macellari, chief financial officer of Italian luxury brand Tod, emphasized that “no luxury brand now does not consider sports shoes.” He pointed out that in addition to the competition among luxury counterparts, the brand is now being more aggressively attacked by sportswear companies.
According to Bain Consulting, sales of global sports shoes increased by 10% to 3.5 billion euros last year, an increase of 7% over handbags. “When I saw sneakers become an epidemic, I worked hard for it,” said Paul Andrew, designer of Salvatore Ferragamo. “We are now investing more in this product category and attracting very professional people. Come in.”
This is a big market. According to the analysis of Ernst & Young, sports shoes are the fastest growing field in the fashion industry. Naturally, luxury brands and sportswear companies will not be ignored. In general, the price of high-end sports shoes will start from US$ 400. Among them, explosive shoes can easily be appreciated to US$ 3,000. The price of limited editions is even more striking. For example, Chanel x Pharrell x adidas Originals The three-party Hu NMD shoes, which are sold worldwide for only 500 pairs, were priced at 1,000 euros, and were later fired to tens of thousands of dollars on the resale platform.
When sports wind became the most popular fashion trend among young people, sports shoes gradually replaced leather shoes as matching shoes for suits, which is a new growth point for brands. With the luxury brand in mind, they hope to innovate in product styles and integrate into sports street style to attract millennial consumers. The ugly shoes, also known as old shoes, is the brand’s good show. Balenciaga Triple S – officially launched in September 2017. Designed by the new creative director Demna Gvasalia, it is the industry’s most typical example. The body of the shoe is heavy and the color is complex and diverse. The unassuming style is its main feature, but the pair of ugly shoes priced at 795 US dollars have been highly favored and it is still difficult to obtain a shoe. According to the Hypobeast 2017 list of the most valuable sneakers of the year, Triple S is on the list.
In fact, Balenciaga Triple S continued its popularity with its predecessor, the Balenciaga Speed ​​Trainer. The Speed ​​Trainer, a sock shoe that debuted in 2016, quickly swept the streets and became one of the most sought-after shoes due to its unique design. Balenciaga Speed ​​ranks second in the list of 2017 Top Ten Shoes on the fashion e-commerce and information search platform Lyst. (The first place is Fenty PUMA by Rihanna)
The explosive shoe effect also brought a beautiful performance to Balenciaga. At a conference last week, Balenciaga CEO Cedric Charbit said that thanks to the promotion of millennial consumers, Balenciaga is already the fastest growing brand of Kaiyun Group, even surpassing that of Gyun, the star brand of Kaiyun. It also said that in the near future, the brand’s revenue is expected to exceed 1 billion euros.
Nowadays, when people mention Balenciaga and talk more about clothes or bags instead of shoes, Triple S and Speed ​​Trainer are Balenciaga like leather bags and No. 5 perfume is Chanel, it becomes the brand’s logo product. . Interestingly, we often hear people complain about the ugly shoe type and high price of Balenciaga, but it is undeniable that because of the strange design makes the ugly shoes very recognizable, like the LV Lahua case bag. It seems to have become a status symbol for young people. It not only represents trend personality, but also implies luxury.
Balenciaga Triple S has also set off the trend of old shoes. From the end of last year to now, many luxury brands including Gucci, Louis Vuttion and others have introduced retro sports style shoes, while Nike, Adidas and other sports brands released new models. Also tend to this style, such as Nike released last month with the New York designer John Elliott jointly Monarch M2K Tekno.
However, it is worth mentioning that the highly motivated luxury brands are aiming at the sports market. Will it be squeezed into the sports brand that is dominated by sports shoes?
In fact, in the latter case, this does not seem to be a bad thing. They are not worried about so-called competition. “If the luxury brands are on the road to sports, this is positive.” Puma CEO Bjorn Gulden said that if this is a trend that can boost the sports shoe market, we will only be happy. ”
Insiders pointed out that because the market for sports shoes is still expanding, the increased competition is unlikely to erode the profit margin. On the contrary, it will have a positive effect. Erwan Rambourg, an analyst at HSBC, said: “There is still a lot of room for price increase, and the “luxury” of sports shoes may also increase profitability.”
Indeed, when sneakers became a popular fashion, it helped to promote the sales of sports brands, especially those brands that originally had a highly viscous consumer group.

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